Wonderland Ice at the Cocoa Ice Cream Parlour

Imagine an ice cream made in a sweet shop. That's what we did and the sweet delight that is 'Wonderland Ice' was born!


Every summer Cocoa Wonderland turns into a mini Ice Cream Parlour, where we sell glorious ice-creams, handmade by us in small batches, served in waffle cones.

The most fun ice cream around...

Our handmade Ice Cream is made right here in Cocoa! Flavours on the Cocoa Ice Cream Parlour menu are inspired by our best selling chocolate bar creations including Fruit Salad, Salted Caramel & Black Forest. 

Once you've chosen your scoops, we don't top your ice cream with a flake but a chunk of our handmade chocolate!


You can even eat your Wonderland Ice in our stripy deck chairs outside our little Chocolate Shop and watch the world of Sheffield's Eccy Road go by. 

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