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Chocolate Workshops

Go behind the scenes at Cocoa and delight in an evening of giggles and chocolate making.


Have our 'little chocolate factory' to yourself and your friends to make and flavour your own unique blend of chocolates, bars and novelties. You will have use of all equipment including our extensive moulds collection and the doors to Cocoa's well stocked flavours & sprinkles pantry will be open ready for you to delve in... So bring your imagination because the possibilities really are endless! Cocoa Kate will be there to share her secrets and skills with you to help you concoct your dream chocolates.

The cost of the chocolate workshop is £85 per person and includes a box of 24 handmade truffles, chocolate bars & treats galore (over 1kg of chocolate!) to take home and a cup of our famous Proper Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings. Held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings starting between 5pm - 7pm or Saturday daytimes between 11am - 1pm For groups of 2 people (or 3 at a squeeze).

Gift Vouchers

Chocolate Workshop vouchers are also available and make a lovely gift.

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We had an excellent experience with Kate, celebrating our 10th anniversary with a rivate chocolate making class! 🥳🍫 3 hours flew by as we hand made chocolate truffles, flavoured chocolate, etc. Very affordable and a fantastic experience throughout!! Edit: we came out with ~1 kilo of chocolate, defo worth it...


September 2022

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our chocolate making evening with you. We had so much fun and it was so relaxing because you were so lovely.  Thank you for great memories.

Louise and Owen

28th February 2018 

Had the most wonderful evening tonight at our chocolate workshop! Kate is the warmest, friendliest host... plus she really knows her chocolate! From start to finish the evening was perfect down to the finest of details. Kate had all the time in the world for us, didn't make the evening feel rushed and made us feel very at home. I cannot recommend Cocoa Wonderland enough, whether it be for an occasion, a workshop or just for one of their yummy hot drinks! We will definitely be returning very soon - we have a fair bit of chocolate to work through for now though! Thank you again Kate! 

Sarah Brown 

28th March 2017

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