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Enjoy receiving two Cocoa chocolate bars through your letterbox every month for 12 months. Look forward to receiving surpise flavours, including limited edition blends and old favourites.


The subscriptions will generally be posted out around the last week of every month. If you would like to buy now but delay the start for a month or two, get in touch.


*If you are buying as a gift* At checkout, you will be asked for 'Customer Details' first, enter the receiver's name & address here (where you'd like the subscription box posting to every month). Afterwards you will be asked for 'Billing Details' enter your name & address in this section. You can download a gift certificate to present to the receiver at checkout. A copy will also be sent to your email address.


Includes two of the same bar of chocolate so makes a lovely gift for a couple to share together!


If you have any dietary requirements please get in touch before placing your order. Allergens include, dairy, soya, gluten, nuts, sulphites




Price includes postage & packaging

12 Month Chocolate Bar Couples Subscription

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