A cherry picked collection of 22 handmade chocolates and delights from our chocolate cabinet including some festive flavours.


A lovely mix of milk, dark & white chocolates including a slelection of: 


  • Christmas tree - hazelnut praline topped with pistachio cream
  • Christmas Pudding - dark chocolate truffle flavoured with rum
  • Snowman - hazelnut praline topped with a white chocolate truffle
  • chocolate truffle in milk chocolate
  • clotted cream truffle in white chocolate
  • salted caramel truffle in milk chocolate
  • coffee cream in milk chocolate
  • rum truffle in dark chocolate
  • champagne truffle in milk chocolate
  • popping strawberry champagne truffle in milk chocolate
  • hazelnut whirl in milk chocolate (nuts)
  • pink prosecco truffle in white chocolate
  • salted caramel truffle in dark chocolate
  • chocolate truffle in dark chocolate
  • chocca mocha truffle in milk chocolate
  • violet cream in dark chocolate
  • rose cream in dark chocolate
  • rum truffle in milk chocolate
  • prosecco truffle in milk chocolate
  • lemon cream in dark chocolate
  • dipped stem ginger in dark
  • chocolate strawberry cream in white chocolate
  • dark chocolate brandy dipped cherries (contains a stone) 


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22 Christmas Chocolate Ballotin Box

  • We are unable to provide individual ingredients for each chocolate. The allergens include nuts, milk, soya, wheat, sulphur dioxide. Not all chocolates contain these allergens as ingredients but may contain traces.

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