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My dear Papa! Happy Fathers Day..

Seeing as it is Fathers Day this weekend we thought we'd tell you a little bit about our dads. When I told my parents I was writing this post and needed a picture I think they thought I was funny. We're not a gushy family so I'll try not to get overly emotional and embarrass them hehe!

6 things about my dad.. Although I don't actually call him dad (I'm pretty sure he is my father!)

1. He's a character... Once you meet my dad you will never forget him! He'll say it's because of his dashing good looks but it's probably because of his wit and charming personality! I think he takes a lot of pleasure from cheering people up and making them smile.

2. He's a great performer. I have a vivid memory of him dressing up and singing 'my baby has gone down the plug hole' at a school assembly. His latest showstopper is his specially adapted feline version of 'Uptown Top Ranking' written about Bruce (the family cat's) exploits in Bridlington.

3. He loves dressing up. He cried with joy when my auntie gave him a boater hat one Christmas (after his previous one was sadly run over!). As you can see in the picture above he always dresses the part when selling at his markets. He made us the best costumes for dressing up days at school.

4. He's sentimental (although he'd never admit it!)... A couple of years ago Bruce my cat was having a stressful time in Sheffield so I took him on a little holiday to Bridlington... He loved it so much he stayed! I wasn't sure how my mum and dad would take to a cat but they say they 'adore' him. My dad says Bruce lives in cat paradise and they've always got an entertaining tale to tell about him.

Having Bruce around triggered my dad's artistic (as well as his song writing) side and he has drawn many portraits him which I proudly display in my house. As well as Bruce, my dad adores my mum. They met at university and have been together ever since. Even after over 40 years he still manages to have her in stitches every day!

5. He's talented... My dad knows everything and can do anything. I know everyone thinks that about their dads but mine really does. Unlike most families, my dad is the cook in our house and has real passion for food. We were (& still are) spoilt by his wonderful dishes. (My mum is a great cook too, she makes the best veggie Shepherd's pie!). His love of preparing good food has definitely rubbed off on me. He makes his own chutneys, jams, marmalade & sodas to sell at markets and various top establishments. His piccalilli is David Hockney's favourite!

As well as being a great chef, my dad is very practical, they never have to pay anyone to do work on their house because my dad knows how. His abilities have proved very useful at cocoa too! He recently made my brother's old bedroom into a workshop where his current projects are new window frames for their house, making his friend a door and a new cabinet for our new coffee machine at Cocoa. He is also very well read, he once told me he read a book a day - not sure if that's still the case now he has an iPad for entertainment!

6. Shrewd business man... I've never known my dad to have a 9-5 job and my mum was a teacher. This meant that my brother and I were quite fortunate in that we probably spent a lot more time with our parents than most kids. Because my dad has many talents, he has had all sorts of jobs, most of which I can't remember.. Some include work in accountancy, construction, TV, as a chef, lecturing, farming..

When he was still at school he started his own business screen printing t-shirts to sell at concerts. This is the norm at gigs today but not back then. Apparently his business was so successful he was earning more than his father at one point. During this time (so my Granny told me) he received a phone call from a chap called Mr Branson. Unfortunately he was at school so he was unable to take the call.. if he had been in things might have turned out quite differently..

P.S my mum is amazing too so I will be sure to introduce you to her one day.

Hope you all treat your dads this weekend, I'll be treating mine to some of Cocoa's chocolate tools I think!

Kate xxx

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