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Online Shop Now Open

It's Chocolate Week everybody! Time to get stuck and celebrate this wonderful creation. What better way to kick start this special week than to start spreading the chocolate love far and wide via our brand new Online Shop? You don't have to come to us for your Cocoa Wonderland chocolate fix - it can come to you! The best news is it won't cost you anything to get it to you as delivery is free! Happy Days!

Buy Cocoa Wonderland Chocolate gift boxes online

Our cyberspace chocolate shop is stocked up with our newly designed chocolate gift boxes filled with our very own handmade chocolate bars.

Gift boxes available online filled with Cocoa Wonderland Handmade Chocolate Bars
Choose your own personalised box of handmade chocolate bars

Sweet Shop Chocolate Gift Box

Thoughtful presents are the best to receive so I wanted customers to be able to make a truly unique gift by being able to choose their own chocolate gift box. As well as having some off the shelf ready to roll collections you can also choose your own selection - how exciting is that?! So you can get all your favourites! We have over 20 varieties available including message bars like 'Thank You', 'Happy Birthday' and 'Congratulations' and yummy flavours inspired by sweeties like 'Rhubarb & Custard' and 'Orange Sherbet'.

Cocoa Wonderland Congratulations Chocolate Bar

Cocoa Wonderland Happy Birthday Chocolate Gift Box

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