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Where does the Tradition of Advent Calendars come from?

Did you know that the tradition of Advent Calendars dates back to the mid-19th century, when German Protestants made chalk marks on their doors to count the days leading up to Christmas?

Today, Advent calendars include paper doors that open to reveal an image, a Bible verse, or chocolate – which is definitely our favourite sort!!

With just over a week to go until it’s time to open the first door on your calendar, now is the time to choose yours!

Here at our little shop, crammed full of Christmas Chocolates and Gifts, we have a selection of Chocolate Advent Calendars for you to choose from too, including a British Organic Chocolate Calendar from Montezuma and a Dairy Free one from Moo Free.

Whilst popping in to get your calendar, why not warm yourselves up with one of our famous extra thick hot chocolates made with chocolate and cream? We will be releasing our Winter menu on December 1st, we're very excited about our special 'Snowball' hot chocolate!

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