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Anne's Dad Geoffrey AKA poppa G

With Father's day coming up we thought we would introduce our fathers to you. So here are a few pictures and facts about my dad:

Facts about my Dad:

1 He is a vicar! This usually conjures up many stereotypes, so whatever you're thinking he's probably not that like. He makes such a good vicar that when Shane Meadows was filming This is England he asked my dad to play the vicar in the Christmas special a few years ago now.

2. My dad is from Sheffield, born and bred. He grew up around Abbydale road and went to school at King Edwards. He left Sheffield for university (where he did two Oxford degrees!) and returned with my mum in 2006. They now live in Norton, right next to Graves park. He was very pleased when I came here for uni in 2003 and was able to see my Granny who lived in Totley.

3. Like me he is left handed. We both have an artistic streak and like drawing and doodling. I later found out we got this from his Dad Ernest, when I found his drawings from the war.

4. He loves ancestry, it started as a hobby but now he is addicted and often finds minor family scandals from centuries ago.

5. He is very soppy & sentimental when he wants to be and did a wonderful speech for my wedding. He is also the kindest person I know and always goes out his way to help others.

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