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I scream for Ice Cream: Cocoa-made Ice Cream

I'm not going to lie, owning a chocolate shop in Summer is rubbish! Sheffield is like a ghost town anyway in Summer due to the lack of students. Our busiest times are September-April and once the sun comes out no one wants chocolate, well who would want to run the risk of a sticky melted box of chocolates?!

I do love the sun but it's not chocolate's friend, the cold dark nights in front of the fire are! That is why Ice cream is our saviour in Summer!

Our flavours are inspired by our best selling Cocoa-made chocolates like Rose & Amaretti, Some like it hot, Violet & Raspberry, Salted Toffee, sweet chocolate orange (& the list goes on!).

The flavours will change daily as it is made in small batches so expect a nice surprise! We are taking requests for brand new flavours and we'll try our hand at making sorbets too (maybe tea inspired?). And don't worry we're working on some dairy free options! Anne and I tried Avocado Ice cream in Grenada and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since (sounds random but it is DELICIOUS) so might have a go at whipping that up.

You can enjoy your ice cream in our gloriously chilled air conditioned downstairs or outside in the sun on "Eccy Beach"...

Enjoy the Sunshine everybody, love Cocoakate xxx

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