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Mum friendly at Cocoa

Baby changing mat

In the run up to Mother's day (this Sunday) I thought I would have a little snap of the small changes we have made to make this place more 'mum' friendly.

One of the biggest problems for most buggies/prams in Cocoa is the HUGE step at the front and in the shop which we are planning on getting rid of (if we can) to make this place much easier to get about. For now all our staff are more than welcome to help take buggies up and down steps, just ask if we don't see you straight away.

OK let's start with new borns! We are super proud to have this on our door & we feel it's so important that mum's feel comfortable breast feeding. The Cocoa cafe is a little more private is this something you are new to, it can be daunting to start.

But if you don't want to breast feed, that's totally fine too as we have a microwave which you are very welcome to use. Please ask a member of staff exactly how hot/luke warm you want milk/food to be.

All babies need their nappies changing so good news we have a lovely Cath Kidston one for you to use, just pop through the kitchen to the toilet.

We have a small supply of toiletries including nappy bags and lotion (feel free to suggest any others).

And when they are a little bigger they might need toys to play with. We have found this a great distraction when mums need 5 minutes to talk to adults! This basket usually lives up in the boudoir but do ask a member of staff to get it for you. We also seem to collect lost toys in it, so make sure you take your own home unless you want to donate (which is much appreciated!)

If you feel there is anything missing from Cocoa that would make your experience better please do let us know. Happy playing!

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