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A new Mother in Cocoa for Mother's day

With Mother’s day approaching (6th March, very early this year) I thought this would be an appropriate time to share my news with you. I am very pleased to say I am currently over 7 months pregnant with my first son. He is perfectly timed as he is due just after Easter, so I shall be making as many Easter eggs as I can (I am starting to look like one!)

We are training our amazing team to do a few extra tricks so Kate and the business will be absolutely fine for when I go. It’s made me extremely grateful for how hard our staff work, for me to even have the possibility of maternity leave. For many many years Cocoa has been my baby and now I have to take a step back as I have my own.

But I hope to take my little one to Cocoa while I have a cup of tea, so you might see me in there.

Lots of love, Anne x

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